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SEGA offers a wide range of bonding and sealing solutions which include epoxies, instant adhesives, sealants, foams, speciality adhesives, super glues, and so on. Discover what product is right for your application needs.

SEGA FIX®, meets your needs with excellence products... Whether you're trying to solve any problem, SEGA FIX® is always by your side. Working with you and for you, wherever and whenever you need it.

Thanks to our success with quality and innovative solutions, our product range expand day by day.

We offer a wide range of specialty repair products. SEGA FIX® now , is providing market-specific formulations and applications for a variety of industries, including ; Adhesives, Sealants, Pu Foams, Industials & Auto After Care products , Households and Health & Hygiene Products. Behind these sectors is the understanding that your needs are our primary mission.

Our resources and colleagues are organized to satisfy those needs. It is a market-driven concern for you and your customers that makes SEGA FIX® leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative products that meet your needs. We are also constantly working with automakers, parts suppliers, service parts groups, and other aftermarket companies to develop the next generation of service technology.


Our Customers are the focus of everything we do. Our top priority is to create value for our customers; to respond promptly to their necessity with quality. It is our mission to take responsibility for our products for the long term.


To be ‘’ the best ‘’ is our eventual aim. To be the best in quality, service, supplier and dealer relationships; to offer the best service opportunities for our customers; and to sustain this reputation are our primary aim. To achieve these aims we are committed to managing our business to be the leader in the market.


Which each product line introduced to market an innovate on various groups. Whether it is a new product design, a rare/unique or new level of quality in printing on various materials we always push ourselves to do better products. We think that only innovation and high quality of manufactured goods can results in a long lasting relationship with our clients who turst our to constant product portfolio development.

Advance Products

Sega is the biggest and strongest brand in its industries. It has became synonymous with lubricants & additives, car care products , adhesives & sealants to millions all over the world and ranked amongst the most-trusted brand in the countries. Also Sega has successful and given special services into some of products trading.


Product Category

fast adhesives


Super strong and fast adhesive in seconds, instantly paste all kinds of mdf kit, wood, plastic, marble, glass, and metal surfaces.

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Pu Foam, Used in montage and isolation of door and window frames, in filling and insulation of gaps, big cracks and holes, in isolation of electrical installations and...

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adhesive sealants


Filler material having an extensive usage area. It provides a strong adhesion to many non-porous surfaces including general construction materials.

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fast adhesives


There are a large number of adhesive types for various applications. Especially ; epoxies, cyanoacrylates, and certain urethanes and acrylic adhesives.

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after cares


There are chemicals that create the perfect shine; polishes, waxes, cleaners, detailing supplies, and accessories for enthusiasts.

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industrial aerosols


Industrial aerosols specially formulated for specific industries and applications.

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caulking guns


Caulking guns help to apply a desired amount of sealants.

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health hygiene


For cleaning and other uses can contain ingredients that can harm your family and the environment.

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hand disinfectant


Find disinfectants, medical protective wear, cleaning and care products.

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How to use Silicone Sealant
How to use Silicone Sealant?


Silicone sealant is used to finish joints, keep out moisture and fill seams and other gaps. It is elastic, so it can allow for a certain amount of movement. Sealant is available in tubes and cartridges. A cartridge is enough for a seam of around 12-13 meters long with a thickness of 5 mm.

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The Spray Paint Application Process

The Spray Paint Application Process

Choose your location. A well-ventilated location will protect you from paint fumes. Outdoors is best, but an open garage is a good second choice. Otherwise, open as many windows as possible and use a fan while spraying and drying.

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How Can Apply Contact Cleaner

How Can Apply Contact Cleaner?

Contact cleaner removes dirt, oil, grease, metallic oxides caused by corrosion and moisture from the surface of small pieces of electronic equipment, ignition systems, motors, electronic controls, relays, thermostats and other areas where you need the product to evaporate quickly and leave no residue.

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The importance of Clean Hands

The importance of Clean Hands!

Whether you are out playing a sport, gardening in your lawn, or just eating a snack, many daily activities require you to use your hands, which in turn can get dirty. Using hand sanitizer is a fast and effective way to clean your hands and get rid of lingering germs.

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